Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my tablet compatible?

Please click here to see if your tablet is compatible

How do I set up my toys?

Please click here to see how to set up your toys correctly

Where can I find the Marbotic apps?

Please visit the app store on your tablet and download the apps you want.

Where can I buy Smart Numbers and Smart Letters?

Directly from our website. Please visit our store!

Are the interactive toys safe for kids?

Our toys work without WiFi, Bluetooth, or batteries. They are passive pieces of technology powered by the static electricity of the body. This makes them both reliable and safe for children.

Are the toys safe for tablets?

Each wooden block has 3 soft pads on the back. Thus, they are gentle to the tablet and don’t scratch the screen.

Are new Smart Letters/Numbers apps currently under development?

Yes, we are constantly developing new apps and features to support children on their learning journey. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information!

How can I clean the toys?

Simply wipe gently with a wet cloth. If necessary, use a little bit of mild detergent. Do not soak.

Do the toys contain any harmful materials?

The toys are made of wood, metal, and conductive plastic. Each material has been chemically tested to be safe.

What testing have the toys undergone?

The toys have been thoroughly tested and comply with US, Canadian, and European safety norms (EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3, ASTM F963-11, SOR/2011-17).

How do you turn the sound on when using the apps?

First, open the app and tap on the musical note in the lower left-hand corner to activate the sound.If there is no sound after that, there are two ways to solve the issue:


iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad mini 1, 2, 3:Deactivate the mute mode with the mute button next to the volume buttons.


iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, and more:On your screen, open the settings banner by swiping with your finger from the top-right.Then, switch the bell icon off to unmute.

Can I use multiple languages in the Marbotic apps?

For 10 Fingers, Up to 100, More or Less, Alphamonster, and Vocabubble, Marbotic Letters and Marbotic Numbers, different languages are accessible for free. To change the language simply click on the flag on the top right in the menu of each app.


Bla Bla Box: The first language you choose is free. All extra languages can be purchased.


Lil Reader and Sesame Street Numbers are both English immersion apps, thus, it is only available in English (British and American accents available).

I need to enter an activation code, but I have not received it, what should I do?

  • Have you checked in the mailbox that you used when registering?
  • Have you checked your spam? Still can’t find the code?
  • Contact us!

I encountered a recognition problem with one of my wooden pieces, what can I do?

  • Check that your tablet is updated.
  • Check that your apps are updated. To do this, go to the App Store or the Play Store > Updates > update (if needed)
  • Check that the zoom function on your iPad’s camera isn't activated because it can interfere with the detection of our toys. To disable it go to Settings > General > Accessibility.
  • I didn't find the solution to my problem.Contact us directly. We will answer as soon as possible!

I cannot play with an app. There’s a bug or it freezes, what should I do?

Update your device if there is an available update. If the problem persists, then send us an email to report it. Based on your feedback, we improve our apps to provide you with the best user experience possible.

My child has lost or damaged one of the toy pieces. What can I do?

Please contact us and we will send you a replacement piece.

I did not find the answer to my question. What can I do?

Please contact us directly through the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Still can’t find your answer? Contact us

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