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Watch your child thrive as they learn to count to 100 with these 2 fun games! 

What makes Up To 100 special

Introducing your child to numbers early can encourage a life-long love of math. Marbotic’s Up to 100 app is a fun, Montessori-inspired game that’ll give your child a head start by teaching them to count to 100. After using Up To 100 your child will be able to:

Understand single, double, and triple-digit numbers

Identify a number from a series of digits

Recognize the names of all numbers up to 100

Understand different quantities

Languages available

“I’m seriously super impressed! They thought of everything: letter recognition, identifying the sound of the letters, adding and subtracting numbers, and so much more! You can even change languages. We speak English and Spanish, so I really like that the kids can practice and learn both. It’s been so much fun watching Max play and learn at the same time."

Saraa, Parent

“What attracts and delights me the most about Marbotic’s apps is how they are linked with physical reality. It’s not just all about digital.Thank you for choosing to collaborate and communicate with educators and understanding what classrooms really need.

Véronique, Kindergarten teacher

“We all know that screen time is inevitable nowadays. (…) With Marbotic, you can transform your iPad into an amazing learning tool for your toddlers! Their wooden letters are interactive and work directly with their apps to provide a fun and unique learning experience.“

Kryssa, Parent

Homeschooling made easy

Trusted by both teachers and parents, Up To 100 makes homeschooling a breeze

Based on the Montessori Method

Up To 100 champions independent learning. Each activity is designed to let your child use the app on their own

Available with :

Deluxe Learning Kit
Deluxe Learning Kit
Deluxe Learning Kit
Deluxe Learning Kit
Deluxe Learning Kit
Deluxe Learning Kit
Deluxe Learning Kit

Deluxe Learning Kit

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